Project Team

The podcast is managed, produced and edited by co-producers JC Niala, Alice Parkin, and Bethany White.

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JC Niala is reading for an MSc in Social Anthropology. Her research examines the histories of African women in an International context. She is also currently the V-LED writer-in-residence using Verbatim Theatre to stimulate local climate action. Find her on Twitter @jcniala.


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Alice Parkin is a DPhil candidate in Classical Archaeology, funded by AHRC. Her research concerns the relationship between ethnicity, gender, and myth in ancient Mediterranean societies, particularly considering the myth of the Amazon women. She also has a more general academic interest in uncovering the history of women and other minority groups throughout ancient and modern history. Find her on Twitter @AliceEParkin.



Bethany White is a DPhil candidate in History, writing a thesis on working-class women’s experiences of higher education in 1960s and 1970s Britain. She is particularly interested in oral history, gender and women’s history, class and social mobility, and the history of feminist and student movements. She also likes to read (everything) and travel (everywhere). Find her on Twitter @bethanyawhite.


Origins of the project

In 2015 the Women in Oxford’s History podcast project was created, designed, produced, launched, edited and managed by Olivia Robinson and Alison Moulds. They are particularly grateful to the AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund at Oxford University for their support with the project’s setup and to all the initial research contributors, without whom this could never have happened.

In the summer of 2017, due to their DPhil commitments, Olivia and Alison handed over the management of the project to a new team, some of whom had themselves been involved from the start. Olivia and Alison remain engaged with the podcast series and connected to its goals, and are excited to see how the project develops in the future.

img_2805-version-3Olivia Robinson is a DPhil History candidate in the History Faculty and funded by the AHRC. She researches foreign women servants in Britain during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, exploring how these women experienced life in service and what attitudes they faced as immigrant workers. It was in researching nineteenth century working-class areas in Oxford for her Master’s, though, when it struck her that women’s contributions so rarely make it to the history books.

Find her on Twitter @TheAncestorian and online www.oliviarobinson.co.uk


Alison Moulds is a DPhil English Literature candidate in the English Faculty. Her research looks at the ways in which the doctor-patient relationship is represented in nineteenth-century medical writing, including fiction by practitioners. As part of this, she looks at the history of women doctors and debates about women’s suitability for the study and practise of medicine. Alison is a member of the AHRC-funded project Constructing Scientific Communities.

Find her on Twitter @alison_moulds and on her blog victorianclinic.wordpress.com.