Get Involved

Have an idea?

If you have a woman from Oxford’s history you’d like to discuss with us, we’d love to hear from you! Send us an e-mail at letting us know which woman you’d like to talk about. We are aware that our previous episodes have largely focused on a narrow demographic of women that are not representative of Oxford’s diverse past, and so we’re especially keen to hear suggestions that are more inclusive and cover all women’s experiences.

Our contributors join us in central Oxford for an informal chat about the woman and her life, which we then edit to a twenty-minute podcast episode. Our contributors also write a c. 1000-word blog post for the website. We’re a volunteer-run project, but we can cover travel expenses.

Not sure where to get started?

We have a few ideas for women we would love to feature on the programme. If you can speak to us about any of the following then please let us know!

  • Meta Breevort (1825 – 1876), mountaineer
  • Sarah Cooper (1848-1932), marmalade-maker
  • Rosamund Davenport Hill (1825-1902), social reformer
  • Grace Hadow (1875-1940), writer and Principal of St Anne’s College, Oxford
  • Dorothy Hodgkin (1910 – 1994), chemist
  • Maureen Gardner (1928 – 1974), athlete
  • Jane Morris (1839-1914), ‘muse’ to her husband William
  • Mary Ward (1851-1920), campaigner for female education
  • Queen Matilda (1102 – 1167), first woman to rule England in her own right